Annotated Biography of





"PIONEER of 3-D"

-AMPAS November 3, 2007, Rob Hummel, Director


FOR THE PAST 35 YEARS" - Peter Anderson, ASC


Chris J. Condon, Ph.D. (Honorary)



Honored "3-D Pioneer" Speaker at seminar for "Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science" (AMPAS),  on November 3, 2007.


Christo Dimitri Koudounis was born in North Chicago, Illinois and speaks English, Hellenic, and French.


1943 - Army Air Force Aviation Cadet Program

Air Force College Training Detachment - Rochester, NY


Air Force Officer Candidate - Scored highest on entrance written exam


1944 - Transferred to Lowry Field, Colorado for Aircraft Armament Training


August 1944 - Army Air Force B-24 Combat Crew Training

Awarded Valedictorian Silver Medal in Armament Training- Harlingen, Texas


December 2, 1944 - Married Marjorie Mae Hanson

Hammer Field Air Base, Fresno, CA


1945 - WWII Overseas Military Service


Served in 5th Air Force, B-24 and A-26 combat zone, Southwest Pacific Theatre


Experience as combat Crew & Cinematographer, awarded four Bronze Battle Stars


1945 - Post-war (Occupation duty, Itami, Japan)


Appointed NCO Commander of 1828th Aviation Ordnance Squadron


February 1946 - (USA)  Condon and his wife arrived in California


Los Angeles - Highest score combination "artistic/technology design" aptitude test, Los Angeles College

Employed:  Douglas Aircraft - Santa Monica, CA

Position:  Industrial engineering trainee/innovator

1947-1948 - Early Entrepreneurship


Designer/Founder of Century Precision Optics Co. - North Hollywood, CA


Designer and manufacturer of renown ultra sharp light-weight Tele-Athenar telephoto lenses


Noted telephoto lens clients:  Nature and wildlife Cinematographers, Bruce Brown, Greg MacGillivary, and Greg Noll


Wildlife cinematographers for Walt Disney's "True Life Adventures"

Oscar-winning TV and Film series


Organizations joined:  Air Force Association, Chapter #266

Treasurer, San Fernando Valley Squadron

Personally associated with General Jimmy Stewart and General Jimmy Doolittle, C.M.H. (Congressional Medal of Honor)


1952 - Organization joined:  SMPTE

(Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers)

Awarded two bronze plaques for technical presentations


1953 - First associated with renown "House of Wax" Director Andre deToth, (also known for being a one-eyed stereo photography genius)

Condon later co-produced a sculpture related documentary filmed in 35mm 3-D StereoVision with deToth in 1986.


Chris and his wife attended the Hollywood premiere of "House of Wax" ultimately spearheading his 40-year career in 3-D filmmaking.


1953 - Issued his First U.S. Patent for 3-D projection lens system


1958 - 1960  - Special Technical Instructor

Columbia College of Hollywood - Movie Optics Instructor


1963  - Co-wrote new edition of American Cinematography Manual for ASC with co-writer Joseph Mascelli


1968 - 1969 - Issued his Second U.S. Patent for world's 1st Single-Camera 3-D Motion Picture Lens

Product Name:  "Magnavision 3-D", Co-designer/Partner:  Allan Silliphant


Specifications:  Camera lens renders two,  "side-by-side" anamorphized (squeezed) images on each frame of 35mm film stock.  Note:  Initial footage filmed with this lens was demonstrated to several producers including Andy Warhol and Paul Morrisse


1969-1971 - Establishment and success of Magnavision Corp.


Productions:  "The Stewardesses" in StereoVision* 3-D (MPAA rated 'R')

became the third feature movie produced by Condon and Allan Silliphant

Note:  "The Stewardesses" became the 6th highest grossing general release film of  1971.  As reported by weekly periodical "Variety"


*Company name changed to "StereoVision International, Inc." not to be confused with "Stereo Vision Entertainment, Inc." whose President John Honour has fraudulently purported  that he produced "The Stewardesses".


1971 - Organization joined:  IFPA (Information Film Producers of America, Inc.)


1971 - Condon and Silliphant co-founded Sierra Pacific Airlines


1972 - Issued his Third U.S. Patent

Product:  Special widescreen 3-D camera lens for modern 35mm and 70mm reflex motion picture cameras


1972 - 1980  - Co-produced several 3-D feature films such as "The Volcano Creature", "The CIA Girls of Capitol Hill", and "Mr. Howard's Crazy Airline"


1973 - StereoVision International, Inc. is re-organized


Chris J. Condon, President/CEO of StereoVision


Marjorie M. Condon (wife), Vice-President/CFO




"ANDY WARHOL'S FRANKENSTEIN" in 3-D.  Chris Condon, 3-D projection lenses and polarized 3-D glasses supplier, Exhibitor Consultant


Eastern Media 3-D "DYNASTY", 3-D projection lens supplier and consultant




"THE WILD RIDE" 3-D (short subject), Chris Condon, Producer


"THE VOLCANO CREATURE AND THE SURFER GIRLS", Chris Condon, Co-Producer and Director of 3-D Photography


Feature film "MR. HOWARD'S CRAZY AIRLINE", Chris Condon, Producer, Co-writer, Director of 3-D Photography, and Distributor


Feature 3D Cinema Productions, "THE C.I.A. GIRLS OF CAPITOL HILL",

Chris Condon, Co-producer, Director of 3-D Photography, and Distributor


1971-1974 - Condon-Silliphant Co. distribution of 3-D films USA and Canada


Client:  Warner Bros. Classics,  "HOUSE OF WAX" (1953) 3-D

Note:  StereoVision rented the 3-D projection lenses to over 400 theaters for all Warner Bros.' 1982 re-releases of abovementioned film in addition to Hitchcock's "DIAL M FOR MURDER" in 3-D


1982 - Chris Condon awarded U.S., Canada, Japan, and India,

patent for Wide-Screen 3-D camera lens for reflex 35mm movie cameras


1969 to Present - Condon's StereoVision remains the major U.S. supplier of 3-D camera rental lenses and 3-D rental projection optics for theatrical exhibition to over 2,000 movie theatres

Note:  To date, polarized 3-D film (celluloid) projection is still available.  Condon's associates currently rent polarized 3-D film (celluloid) attachments.




1983 - Cinematographer and Chief 3-D Consultant to production of highest grossing 3-D film of all time -- "Jaws 3-D"


Title:  "COMIN' AT YA!"  (1981), Distributor: Cannon Releasing

Note:  After completion of principal photography, SVI (StereoVision International, Inc.) produced USA 3-D titles in English (from Spanish), provided consultation on 3-D print preparation to the lab and 3-D projection rental services to theatres


StereoVision was appointed rental supplier of 3-D projection lenses throughout the U.S. and Canada for abovementioned film, and "HOUSE OF WAX", "FRIDAY THE 13TH PART 3", "SPACE HUNTER", "STAR CHASER", and "DYNASTY"


1981 - 1985 - Feature films photographed in StereoVision 3-D


Production Title:  "PARASITE", starring Demi Moore

Producer: Charles Band, 3-D Lenses: Chris Condon

Note:  provided consultation on 3-D cinematography, was the supplier of all 3-D camera optics and 3-D projection lenses to every exhibitor throughout the USA, Canada, and France


Title:  "JAWS 3-D"  (1983)

Co-producers:  Alan Landsberg, Rupert Hitzig

Distributor: Universal Pictures

Note:  Condon was chief 3-D Consultant throughout the entire production, post-production, and worldwide distribution.  This extended to his 3-D consultation to the special effects unit in North Hollywood, CA


Prior to its theatrical release in 900 theaters by Universal Pictures, SVI, Condon's company was hired to conduct numerous 3-D projection seminars held in many major cities throughout the U.S. and Canada.


After the film's opening, StereoVision's 3-D projection optics were rented to over 400 theaters in the U.S.A. and Canada


Note:  "JAWS 3-D" is the most profitable polarized 3-D film to date




Production Title:  "METALSTORM"  (1983), starring Kelly Preston

Released by:  Universal Pictures/Empire Productions

Rotoscope Special Effects Supervisor primarily used 3-D camera lenses provided by StereoVision


StereoVision was supplier of all 3-D projection lenses to each exhibitor

throughout the USA, Canada, and France



India's first 3-D feature film was produced entirely with StereoVision, Int'l 3-D camera lenses, including technical and artistic consultation provided by Chris Condon, became a successful children's film on epic proportions

1985 -  Letter of Commendation from Warner Bros, by Mr. Terry Semel, President


Numerous 3-D production consultations and 3-D lense rentals for production and exhibition


Reebok athletic wear:  "DANCE PARTY in 3-D"

Venue:  Fashion industry sales rallies throughout the Orient


Condon's 3-D lenses are used at Scientific and Educational venues in Japan

NIGAATA, GALAPAGOS ISLAND, SHURI BRIDGE, HOKKAIDO, and many other Japanese 3-D short subjects are produced by Dentsu-Prox of Tokyo, Japan

3-D Lenses, Chris Condon

Abovementioned are also shown at various educational venues throughout Japan including, but not limited to, children's museums


1985 -  Letter of Commendation, SMPTE, for "Large Format" presentation


1985 - 1990 -  Condon's 70mm 3-D for Numerous Venue Promotions

in France and Japan


The following projects were filmed and projected in Condon's 70mm 3-D systems:


Expo 85, Japan

Production Title:  "ETERNAL MAN AND IRON"

Filmed in Condon's new format "Ten Perf 70!  3-D

Producer:  Dentsu-Prox, Tokyo, Japan

Large Screen (90 feet wide)

Client:  Tetsuren Steel Pavillion Expo '85


1987 -  Letter of Commendation by American Society of Cinematography (ASC)


1987 -  IMAX enlarged Condon's 70mm 3-D technology for aerial camera mounted scenes in "WINGS OF COURAGE" starring Val Kilmer


1987 -  Production:  "SUPER STARS AND STRIPES" in 3-D

Producer:  Jeff Kutash  -  Kutash Dancin' Machine  - shown in such venues as Las Vegas, NV and Atlantic City, NJ


1989 - Production:  "FAMILY CIRCUS" in 70mm 3-D

Producer:  Extension - Paris

Client:  Renault  -  France

Note:  Film was successfully shown to enthusiastic audiences throughout Europe for Renault automobiles and others


May 1991-1993 - Sponsors World's First Special 3-D Movie Festival

Event:  Vagabond 3-D Film Festival

Venue:  Vagabond Theatre, Los Angeles, CA

Note:  Condon and partner Mitch Matovich exhibited more 3-D films than anyone else in any single venue to date -- over 30 features and shorts in 3-D single-, and dual-projector


1995 - Condon commences creation and cinematography of first spiritual theatrical 3-D film on location in Israel entitled "The Holy Land"


1998 - 2000 - A New Generation of Special Venue 3-D projects


Note:  Abovementioned projects were all co-produced by Condon who, in concert with his company Stereo Vision Systems, provided 35mm 3-D Camera Lenses and Projection Optics and 3-D Glasses for thousands of theatres worldwide


Project Title:  "DIG:  BEYOND INFINITY" in 3-D  (short subject), (youth-oriented sports)

Client:  Radioactive Records

Shown for over a year at Knot's Berry Farm amusement park


Subject Title:  "EDGE OF REALITY"  (short 3-D subject)

3-D Consultant:  Chris Condon

Note:  Unique 'Extreme Sports' USA footage includes world's first 3-D close-up of surfing, skate-boarding; rock climbing, and snow boarding

Tent-mounted Theatre Premier -- First showing in a tent-mounted theater at Woodstock '94 and traveled throughout USA and Canada


1990  -  3-D's expanding enthusiastic community lauds Condon with

Lifetime Achievement Award

"Our sincere gratitude for the 3-D Film Festival and for his Lifetime Dedication to the Advancement of 3-D Motion Pictures" -- The Stereo Club of Southern California 3-D Movie and Video Division, June 2, 1990


1990 - 2005 -  Condon's 3-D technology used for Product Promotion at Special Venues


Chevrolet "THE HEARTBEAT OF AMERICA", shown at auto shows and in Holland -- 3-D Lenses, Chris Condon


1994 - 3-D presentations at Woodstock '94


1998 -  StereoVision 3-D camera lenses used at James Cameron's request for Steadi-Cam filming of "TERMINATOR II 3-D" (T23D), expanded to 70mm 3-D by James Cameron's productions company Lightstorm Entertainment

3-D Lenses:  Chris Condon


2000 -  Installed 3-D projection optics for "EDGE OF REALITY" at Knot's Berry Farm amusement park


2002 -  Condon begins principal 3-D photography on his legacy feature film "The Young Liberators", the exciting true story of America's most decorated air mission of World War II


2001 -  Production Title:  "I LOST MY M IN VEGAS", filmed in 3-D StereoVision and StereoScope 3-D

Client:  MGM Hotel/Casino Las Vegas, NV


2005 -  Condon's StereoVision 3-D lenses return to France and win Awards

Production Title:  "LA REVOLE", a spectacular 3-D musical featurette for Wine Consortium special venue, Wine Museum, Rheims, France

Domenique Bennecheti, Producer, Director

Also reviewed with critical acclaim in 2006 at Disney's 70mm screening room in North Hollywood, CA


2007 -  3-D theatrical documentary film in production "IN THE FOOTSTEPS OF JESUS" utilizing 35mm 3D footage filmed in Jerusalem, Bethlehem, and many other historic/religious locations -- anticipated theatrical release in 2008!




1959 - Advanced Education


1962 - President's Award, St. Nicholas Church, Northridge, CA


1969 - First 3-D U.S. Patent Issued


           Certificate:  Optical Design & Engineering, - U.C.L.A.


           Certificate:  Special Optical Effects for Motion Pictures - U.S.C.


1972 - Faculty, Columbia College, Hollywood, CA, Motion Picture Optics


1976 - Honorary Membership:  StereoKino, Moscow


1983 - Certificate:  3-D Motion Picture Technologies  -  U.S.C. Cinema


1984 - Honary Membership, India Society of Cinematography


1986 - Honorary Banquet, Dentsu, Japan


1992 -  Honorary Doctorate Degree:  Doctorate in Scientific Research -

            Instituto de Recherche, Naples, Italy


2003 -  Technical Seminar in Three Dimensional Imaging, Chris J. Condon, Keynote Speaker, 3-D Technical Symposium - San Jose, CA, sponsored by SPIE (Society for Photographic Instrumentation Engineers)


2007 -  "PIONEER of 3-D", Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science (AMPAS)


2008 -  Inventor of NEW 3-D™.  The world's most advanced three dimensional motion picture system.



American Cinematography Manual, 1963


Principles of Quality 3-D Motion Picture Presentation published by the National Association of Theatre Owners (NATO) in 1983


A New Large Format 70mm 10P65 Camera Design, SMPTE, 1988


Manual of 3-D Cinematography and Projection, 2008 (co-author)


Chris J. Condon has been involved as a 3-D motion picture Producer, Consultant, Distributor, and Director of 3-D Cinematography on over 40 3-D feature films, documentaries, and shorts in as many years.

He can be reached at: (818) 288-7919.